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IQR Leads industry-leading wayfinding solutions help you guide your audience to their desired destination. Whether it’s a building with a single level or a convention center with several floors and sweeping grounds, our wayfinding solution provides a functionally-rich intuitive platform in which to direct your guests.

Social Media

Your audience is always connected. Tap into that engagement with IQR Leads social media applications. You can integrate all of your social media sites directly into one visual display, allowing attendees and exhibitors provide and see feedback in real-time. Display your most recent postings and tags with unique # that populate in one location.

Events Screens

With IQR Leads Digital Event Reader Boards, your attendees and exhibitors will always know where that important session is taking place. They will also be able to see what is coming up next. What better way to showcase sponsor ads? Whereas in the past sponsor recognition was static, now it can be digital and sure to be noticed by attendees.

Flight Boards

Worried about attendees or exhibitors leaving early because they are worried about missing their flights? With IQR’s Live Flight Boards, your attendees and exhibitors can view airlines’ live arrival and departure information. Multiple area airports can be displayed.

Sample Screens

Passive Wayfinding

This is a great way to let your attendees know where meeting rooms are located, they can also showcase the exhibitor floor maybe even highlight a sponsor for additional company information.

Interactive Wayfinding

What better way to add some excitement by letting your attendees interact with the digital signs. They can select meeting rooms, scrool through schedules and then be directed where to go.

Meeting Rooms

No more worrying about incorrect foam session boards. With digital meeting room signs you can let your attendees know what is going on in that room particular room.

Overall Agenda

Overall event agenda boards are a great way to keep attendees abreast to all of the functions, that will be going on throughout the event.

Social Media

You have a twitter account, facebook, instagram what better way to showcase all of these great thoughts in one central location for all your attendees to see.

Flight Data Boards

Tired of your attendees or exhibitors leaving early because they are worried about there flights. With a flight reader boards that can be a thing of the past.