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Event Registration Services

IQR offers a fresh approach to registration services. We believe that each client/organization has its own unique requirements and that offering one single solution for everyone just will not work. IQR Leads has worked very hard to develop solutions that will work with many different types of registration requirements.

Basic Registration

IQR offers an online system which will collect attendee or exhibitor contact details without name badges. Should you need a name badge printed, that is no problem as this is already build into the system.

Online Registration Service with Bar-Coded Name-xbadges

IQR has a system that will allow you to take your entire registration online. This will allow your attendees to register via the web. Once registered, the attendee receives an email confirmation with a confirmation bar-code. They will be able to use this bar-code once they arrive onsite to pick up their badge. The nice part about our online system is that it will work onsite as well. Should your internet go down, we can quickly move into the offline mode and your registration process will continue without any interruption.

Full Service Registration

IQR can offer a full service registration service which will include pre-registration planning, onsite event management & housing services. Give us a call to discuss your needs.


IQR Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your experience let us know and we will refund your rental.

Members of International Association of Exhibitions & Events

Over 50 percent of IAEE's members are directly involved in the planning, management, and production of exhibitions and buyer-seller events. The remainder of our membership consists of those who provide products and services to the industry.

Members of the National Association of Consumer Shows

TThe National Association of Consumer Shows (NACS) was founded in 1988 for the advancement of the consumer (public) show industry and to further the growth and professionalism of those involved in the production of consumer shows.