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Continuing Ed Reporting

IQR Leads has developed a (CEU) report system that will allow organizations to scan attendees into session rooms that require CEU. By using the bar-code on the badge, you will be able to throw away those hard to read sign-in sheets and get your reports in easy to read Excel format.

Downloadable Formats

IIQR Leads offers multiple types of downloadable formats, the most popular being Excel. Should you need to download the data into a text delimited file, you have that ability with IQR Leads. We can also push the scan tata back into your CRM system with a little customized programming.

Report Portal

IQR Leads has developed a Lead Retrieval report portal allowing show management or exhibitors to dive into their event data. These reports will help clients understand individual booth traffic patterns and general exhibit floor traffic flows.

Custom Software

IQR Leads understands that your event may require something that is outside of the normal. No problem, we just need to discuss your requirements with you to ensure we understand exactly what you need. Once we understand it; let us build it for you.

Sample Screens

Report Portal example

Dive into your event details with our reporting tool.

Excel Download

Sample Downloadable MS Excel Format and others as well.

Report Portal

Report portal will allow you to see how the exhibitors are qualifying attendees.

Report Portal

Report portal will allow you to understand your attendee booth traffic. As well as ensure exhibitors are using the lead retrieval device.

Session Reporting

Get a quick count on how many people attended a session and quickly download the session roster list. To allow for quick session calculations.

Custom Integration

If you are in need a special report or program. Let us know we will work with you to make your vision a reality. There is no idea that is not worth discussing.